About Stephen

I began photographing weddings eight years ago after being approached by a couple who wanted a real photojournalist to cover their wedding rather than a traditional wedding photographer.

Since then I’ve photographed over 150 weddings around the world and found the experiences I’ve had to be a wonderful complement to my photojournalism work. Weddings have all the emotion, anticipation and events packed into a single day that I would spend weeks trying to capture in a typical news story.

Photographing Discreetly
I shoot assignments on a daily basis where discretion is paramount and where often, my subjects may not even know they’re being photographed. I bring these same techniques to every wedding I photograph, seeking to capture authentic moments which naturally happen when the subject is unaware that their picture is being taken.

Photojournalism vs. Snapshots
The job of a photojournalist is not to simply record what’s in front of them – anyone with a camera can do this. A photojournalist quickly sizes up scenes, arranges disparate elements, and waits for the crucial moment when everything comes together to take pictures that tell stories and go beyond simply recording the event.

The Formals
I will take the formal portraits in a minimal amount of time and this will be the only time during the day when I’ll be directing people to pose. During our pre-wedding consultation we can go over a list of people you’d like to have photographed together. This will enable us to get through the list quickly and efficiently on your wedding day. I then can step back and continue to document your special day without further intrusion.